Yanru CHEN

Yanru Chen is a Ph.D. student at the HKU Faculty of Law. She holds an LL.M. from Tsinghua University and an LL.B. from China University of Political Science and Law. Her current research focuses on international trade law and dispute resolution.


Huo Zhengxin, Chen Yanru. (2023). The legal path evolution of anti-foreign sanctions and the choices of China. Journal of Social Sciences 2, 179-192. (in Chinese)

Chen Yanru, Liu Mingxin. (2023). The jurisdictional conflict between WTO and CPTPP dispute resolution mechanisms and its coordination. Journal of Customs and Trade, 44(1), 111-124. (in Chinese)

[Conference Paper] CHEN Yanru, Legal regimes concerning the governance of space debris in light of the sustainable development of China’s space station, the 2023 Asian Law and Society Association Annual Meeting (Sunway University, Malaysia).


National Scholarship, Ministry of Education, PRC (2017, 2018)
First-Class Scholarship for Academic Performance, China University of Political Science and Law (2017, 2018, 2019)
Beijing Outstanding Graduate Award, Beijing Municipal Education Commission, PRC (2020)
Outstanding Graduate Award, China University of Political Science and Law (2020)
Comprehensive second-class scholarship, Tsinghua University (2021)