Weiyao HAN

Weiyao Han is a PhD student specializing in arbitration and dispute resolution. She holds LLB and BA degrees from Shandong University, an LLM in International Commercial Law from the University of Dundee, and an LLM from Peking University.
During her studies, Weiyao participated in arbitration mooting competitions and received awards. These experiences sparked her interest in dispute resolution. Her research now focuses on mediation law, arbitration law, and civil procedure law.


Han, Weiyao. “Ad Hoc Arbitration Reform in China: A Step Forward.” Asian International Arbitration Journal 18.2 (2022).


Award for Academic Excellence of Peking University (2022)
Distinguished Undergraduate of Shandong University (2021)
National Champion and Advocacy Award of CIETAC Cup International Investment Arbitration Moot (2019)
Best Memorandum Award, Third Prize, and Outstanding Contribution Award of CIETAC Cup International Commercial Arbitration Moot (2019)
Chinese National Merit Scholarship (2017)
Merit Student of Shandong University (2017)