Abeer Sharma specializes in international law, including international dispute resolution, investment protection, and commercial law. He has experience covering four jurisdictions, having represented sovereign states and multinational corporations as well as individual claimants, and his secondary areas of proficiency include anti-money laundering, public policy, comparative contract law, and constitutional law.

He also demonstrates a keen interest in emerging technologies and serves as a strategic advisor and consultant to early-stage projects in the web3 space, also contributing actively to solve governance issues for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). During his PhD at HKU, Abeer is conducting research into designing governance mechanisms for decentralized dispute resolution processes that will safeguard the procedural rights of all relevant stakeholders.


Interpretation of the Cooling-off Period in the Energy Charter Treaty – The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Journal (2019) Vol. 85(2)

For the Public Benefit: An Evaluation of the Landowner Compensation Regime applicable to Fracking in England – The Energy Law Institute Review, 2019

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A Primer on the Good Cop/Bad Cop Routine in Negotiations – NUJS Journal on Dispute Resolution, 2022

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Incorporating Kleros in Long-Term Energy Supply Contracts – Kleros Fellowship Paper, 2018

The Contractual Relationship between the Arbitral Institution and the Arbitrator – Under review

The Limits of Decentralization in Knowledge Sharing Processes – Preprint


HKU Presidential Scholarship (2021)
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (2021)
International Bar Association Young Lawyers’ Committee Scholarship (2023)
QMUL Programme Prize in Comparative and International Dispute Resolution (2018)
Don Lavoie Fellowship (2021)