Shuyu CHU

I recently completed my PhD in Law at HKU, where I have been honored with a prestigious Dissertation Year Fellowship. My doctoral research, titled “Beyond Anti-Corruption: Chinese Communist Party’s Disciplinary Infrastructure,” was rated as outstanding, placing in the top 5%. My thesis explores how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the largest ruling party in any political entity, watches itself, addressing the question of why the rule-of-law, transparency, and public participation style of anti-corruption is less favored in China compared to the Party’s favored internal, opaque, and exclusive approach.

Currently, I am a researcher with the Equality Rights Program at HKU Faculty of Law. Prior to my doctoral studies, I served as the China Law and Policy Fellow at Georgetown University Law Center from 2021 to 2023, conducting research projects on transnational justice and anti-corruption strategies. I also shared my expertise as a guest lecturer and course consultant, specializing courses on international law and Chinese law.

I have presented my research findings at numerous international legal conferences. My hands-on experience working at renowned law firms and as a judicial clerk has provided me with valuable professional insights. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, I am adept at navigating cross-cultural legal environments.


Book Chapter, “China’s Challenge to Liberal Democracies,” in Glenn Patmore ed., Edward Elgar Research Handbook on Law and Democracy, Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar [with Jiajun Luo] (forthcoming 2024)

Journal Article, “Return by ‘Persuasion’ and the Recursivity of Transnational Legal Orders: China’s Strategic Adaptation in Fugitive Repatriation” (under review by US law review journals)

Journal Article, “Xunshi: The Politics of Patrolling the Chinese Party-State” (invited to be published in a peer-review journal)

“Leniency toward Official Misconduct in China’s Harsh Criminal Justice – The Case of Supervision Commission” (presented in Association for Asian Studies (AAS) 2024 Annual Conference)


HKU Dissertation Year Fellowship