Yang GAO

GAO Yang is a Ph.D. student at the University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law. Before joining the doctoral program, she obtained the bachelor degree in Law at Wuhan University, China and then earned her LL.M. from University College London, UK.

Yang’s research interests lie in the legal regulation of animals in China in the context of practical and historical situations. The focus is on anti-animal cruelty laws, but also on the application and impact of concepts such as animal welfare and animal rights in the legal field. Her research investigates the historical progression of anti-cruelty animal laws and animal welfare legislation, examining their development alongside modernization and the emergence of postmodern perspectives. This study delves into how technological advancements, societal shifts, and evolving ethical awareness have collectively shaped legal frameworks and societal attitudes toward animals. In addition to applying the traditional methodology of legal doctrine, she employs the research methods of the social sciences and conducts qualitative research.

Helsinki Animal Law Seminar February 2024: Legal Aspects of Farm Animals in China, from Ancient to Modern Times
The Annual Oxford Animal Ethics Summer School August 2023: The Changing Landscape of Animal Content on Social Media in China: How it is Breaking Down Barriers and Promoting Animal Welfare


HKU Reaching Out Award (ROA) 2023