Search Tools

Three search methods are available in this database.

  • The first and simplest method is to use the Fuzzy Search box and input the keyword(s) you want. The search will show the legislation/legal rules containing your keywords in their texts or attributes (jurisdiction, hierarchical level, nature, subject matter). To locate documents that contain multiple keywords, use [space] between the keywords.

The keyword(s) will be highlighted in the search result as well as the documents after you click on them. Please note that traditional Chinese should be used while searching for Chinese documents issued in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, while simplified Chinese should be used for Chinese documents issued in mainland China. If you want to convert simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese or vice versa when reading the documents, please use the box “Conversion of Chinese characters“.

Snapshots of exemplary searches are shown below. Please click on the photos to enlarge them.

Example 1A: Search for documents containing “personal information” and “Internet”.

Search Tools  1Ai
Search Tools 1Aii

Example 1B: Search for documents containing “隐私”(privacy) and “医疗”(medical).

Search Tools 1Bi
Search Tools 1Bii
  • The second method is to Search with Taxonomy, i.e. select predetermined attributes and locate the legislation or legal rules that combine them. A taxonomy is established in this database by labeling each document with attributes from different dimensions, including:

the jurisdiction where the legislation/legal rule operates,

the hierarchical level that it lies at (or alternatively speaking, the type of legal source that it belongs to),

the nature of the objects it regulates (public bodies, private bodies or both), and

the subject matter that it deals with (named as “tags”).

You can combine any or all of the four attributes.

Example 2A:

Search Tools 2Ai
Search Tools 2Aii

Example 2B:

Search Tools 2Bi
Search Tools 2Bii
  • The third method, Search in Fields, is a mixture of the previous search approaches. You can search for documents which have features that you manually designate. Simply fill in any or all of the four fields.

The Provision box: the resulting documents contain the input keywords in there texts.

The Year box: the resulting documents are adopted, promulgated, made effective or amended in the given year.

The Hierarchy box: the resulting documents are at the given level of legal hierarchy.

The Tag box: the resulting documents have the tags (i.e. its subject matter) which include the input keywords.

Example 3A:

Search Tools 3Ai
Search Tools 3Aii

Example 3B:

Search Tools 3Bi
Search Tools 3Bii