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This project started in 2000, with the publication of Emerton’s research paper on Trafficking of Women into Hong Kong for the purposes of Prostitution: Preliminary Research Findings. The paper was the first academic study on the topic of trafficking into Hong Kong, and has generated much public debate on the issue, both locally and regionally. More >>


Migrant Nightclub/ Escort Workers in Hong Kong: An Analysis of Possible Human Rights Abuses by Robyn Emerton & Carole Petersen, April 2003

Trafficking of Women into Hong Kong for the Purpose of Prostitution: Preliminary Research Findings by Robyn Emerton, February 2001


Trafficking of Women and Exploitation of Prostitution by Sister Ann Gray, Action for Reachout, November 1998 

This paper belongs to the seminar: CEDAW in Hong Kong, 28 November 1998


Grenville Cross said in his article "The Next Step" in the South China Morning Post that Hong Kong needs a consolidated law to deal more effectively with the problem of human trafficking. To begin with, it should consider the suggestions offered by America's annual Trafficking in Persons Report, including the need for a more focused response to the problem and for stiffer penalties for those involved in the exploitation of migrants. An overarching human trafficking law would supplement the present legislative regime, and align Hong Kong with global initiatives.

Cross, "The Next Step", South China Morning Post, 'Insight', Friday, August 5, 2011, A15.

Emerton, Laidler & Petersen, "Trafficking of Mainland Chinese Women into Hong Kong Sex Industry: Problems of Identification and Response", Asia-Pacific Journal on Human Rights and the Law, 2007:2, 35-84.

Laidler, Petersen & Emerton, "Bureaucratic Justice: The Incarceration of Mainland Chinese Women Working in Hong Kong's Sex Industry", 51 (1) International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, 2007, 1-16.

Emerton & Petersen, "Filipina Nightclub Hostesses in Hong Kong: An Analysis of their Vulnerability to Trafficking and Human Rights Violations and a Comparison with the Situation of Foreign Domestic Helpers in Hong Kong" in Hewison and Young (eds), Transnational Migration and Work in Asia, Routledge London and New York: 2006, 126-143.

Emerton & Petersen, "Migrant Nightclub/ Escort Workers in Hong Kong: An Analysis of Possible Human Rights Abuses", April 2003

Robyn Emerton, "Translating International and Regional Trafficking norms into Domestic Reality: A Hong Kong Case Study", 10 Buffalo Human Rights Law Review, 2004, 215-260.


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Ms. Allyson Catherine Elizabeth PEERS (PhD) (

Thesis Topic: White Slavery and Consent;the Development of International Trafficking law 1904-2000

The Ph.D research re-evaluates the meaning of white slavery in the earliest trafficking agreements and examines how the legal concept of consent consequently developed up to the present 2000 Palermo Protocol.


For the paragraphs in the Hong Kong Human Rights Action Plan (HKHRAP) concerning Trafficking Victims, please click here. For Child trafficking, please click here.


Summit on Human Trafficking, 1 November 2013

Human Trafficking: Regional and International Perspectives, 26 May 2008

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Please, click here for the Presentation by Ms. Ingela Klinteberg, District Chief Prosecutor of Sweden.


Building a Women's Movement to Defend Human Rights, by Mu Sochua, 25 March 2011


Please, click here for more photos of the Round Table on Trafficking, 28 February 2001.


Minutes of the Round Table on Trafficking,
28 February 2001



This website lists the contact and activity info of the NGOs, international organizations, and Government agencies that combat human trafficking in 18 Southeast and East Asian countries, including the US.

Together Let's Stop Traffick

This website gives information about the event 'Together Let's Stop Traffick' 2013: The inaugural Global Summit bringing together thought leaders to shape solutions to stop human trafficking (Ottawa, CanadaNovember 14-17, 2013).

The Mekong Club

The Mekong Club is a movement fighting the business of human slavery. They are the first organisation in the world to bring together the skills and resources of the business community, channeling them into projects that directly disrupt the slavery trade. More >>