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2022-12-02: Why some legal experts question need for outright Hong Kong ban on foreign lawyers taking part in national security cases

2022-12-03: 特首就黎智英案提請人大釋法 陳弘毅指釋法為解決爭議最後手段

2022-12-04: Mainland Chinese courts can handle Hong Kong’s national security cases if defendants cannot find a city lawyer and Beijing bans foreign ones, political heavyweight says

2022-12-11: Hong Kong’s new policy on court appeals by asylum seekers sparks alarm that many will be sent home to face danger

2022-12-14: NPCSC interpretation best option for fixing national security gaps

2022-12-17: Big Tech’s big problems: From China to Silicon Valley | Business Beyond

2022-12-28: Law degrees in Hong Kong: how universities are preparing students from various academic backgrounds to work in law-related fields after postgraduate studies

2022-12-31: 人大釋國安法14條47條 指事涉國安倘法院未問特首 國安委須履責 海外律師問題 法院須聽國安委



2022-11-03: Former justice secretary welcomes Beijing move to establish Hong Kong as international mediation centre

2022-11-05: 指競爭法實施7年漏洞多 非嚴重者先告誡 學者批減阻嚇倡修例

2022-11-13: 競爭法通過10年 昔日讓步是時候推進

2022-11-13: 吳海傑 研政治×查 破香港自由神話

2022-11-17: Agender Cafe: Taura Edgar and Darcy Davison-Roberts – Child sexual abuse

2022-11-28: 陳弘毅:起草國安法時或未考慮外國律師參與個別訴訟

2022-11-28: Beijing unlikely to allow foreign lawyers to argue in Hong Kong’s national security cases after recent controversy: pro-establishment legal heavyweight

2022-11-28: No Easy Exit from Zero-COVID

2022-11-29: What you need to know about Hong Kong’s request for Beijing to interpret national security law amid Jimmy Lai trial



2022-10-09: Russian superyacht in Hong Kong: Beijing and Washington cross swords over vessel, as Chinese government accuses US of ‘smearing city’

2022-10-10: Faster screening of asylum seekers in Hong Kong, but 2,600 cases still before appeals board

2022-10-15: Russians lose access to some banking services in Hong Kong due to Western sanctions over Ukraine

2022-10-17: Cover Story: What’s next for China’s tech sector?

2022-10-25: Megayacht sparks warnings Hong Kong could become Russia haven

2022-10-31: 陳弘毅:“依法治港”所用的“法”的來源有其多樣性



2022-09-07: Views on a court ruling which sent a man to probation after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing his terminally-ill wife in Hong Kong

2022-09-08: 辯方引傅華伶舊文「煽動刊物罪刻意製造寒蟬」 控方指過時

2022-09-20: The Didi Case and the Party’s Influence over Data Enforcement

2022-09-25: Beijing bus drivers have been told to wear wristbands to monitor their emotions

2022-09-27: NAB – NAB Digital Next: The University of Hong Kong’s Professor Douglas Arner on the platformisation of finance



2022-08-01: Law & More: The Boase Cohen & Collins Podcast, Episode 17 – Amanda Whitfort

2022-08-11: 《東西街》(East West Street) / 傅華伶

2022-08-12: Hong Kong’s Ban on CBD Products Leaves Companies Facing Ruin

2022-08-16: Alibaba, ByteDance share algorithm details with Chinese regulator

2022-08-18: 黎智英國安案不設陪審 下周一作管理聆訊 陳弘毅:律政司決定難覆核

2022-08-25: Hong Kong should legislate against human trafficking, NGO and lawyer urge amid increasing number of calls for help



2022-07-02: As Tech Companies Pull Back from Russia, China Looks on with Concern

2022-07-12: 質疑法院側重國安 陳文敏:過分順從行政

2022-07-19: 專家學者:政權必須掌握在愛國者手中 「一國兩制」不變形 香港必長治久安

2022-07-28: Book review: Democratic maneuvers in the twilight

2022-07-29: Will ‘reasonable’ handling of wildlife crimes lock in old problems?



2022-06-02: 黃乾亨基金捐款1億予港大

2022-06-04: 港大法律學院創新實驗室 首獲國際業界大獎

2022-06-11: 如何定義假新聞 / 孫皓琛

2022-06-12: How Xi Jinping is reshaping China’s capital markets

2022-06-20: 「一國兩制」的可持續性

2022-06-21: ‘In this vibrant city, I feel energy, freedom and efficiency’: Hong Kong in eyes of foreign residents

2022-06-22: Unpacking Hong Kong’s laws, 25 years after handover: 5 rulings on Basic Law where Beijing, not the city’s courts, had final say in key cases



2022-05-20: Law expert slams ‘disgusting’ pet trade

2022-05-25: National security law: can Hongkongers still hold June 4 commemorative events marking anniversary of Tiananmen Square crackdown?

2022-05-25: 疫情過後 / 陳文敏

2022-05-28: 「一國兩制」顯優勢 本固枝榮譜新篇

2022-05-30: Tech Wars and Anti-Trust Laws: How Great Power Competition Is Reshaping Regulation



2022-04-03: 異寵潮│野生動物交易線上化 香港成走私中轉站(下)

2022-04-06: 海外法官的去留 / 陳文敏

2022-04-12: 說明煽動定義 社會方能守法

2022-04-15: 提名期結束 李家超成唯一候選人

2022-04-23: Will Hong Kong join Singapore, Malaysia in ditching foreign judges after British law lords’ exit?



2022-03-03: 捍衞少眾權益 港大學者奪國際多元獎

2022-03-04: ‘It has to be reasonable’: as Hong Kong weighs coronavirus testing lockdown, experts consider legal implications

2022-03-12: 談押後特首選舉 稱充分支持集中抗疫 李克強:港府換屆 嚴格按基本法規定

2022-03-18: China’s regulatory storm may soon subside for Big Tech firms after Xi Jinping’s right-hand man calls for order, transparency

2022-03-20: More humane policies would not leave pregnant women in Hong Kong dreading delivery or worried about being separated from their children

2022-03-26: 精神健康例無定義「緊急」 學者:打針算否未確定

2022-03-30: Two U.K. Judges Quit Hong Kong Court, Citing Lost Freedoms

2022-03-31: National security law: what does the UK withdrawal of judges from Hong Kong’s top court show about respect given to city’s judiciary and government?


2022-02-01: Closed China: why Xi Jinping is sticking with his zero-Covid policy

2022-02-02: Caged Tiger—The Looming Threats To China’s Economic Growth

2022-02-03: 輕微恐怖主義 / 傅華伶

2022-02-05: 人工智能的創造力 / 孫皓琛

2022-02-19: Will Beijing extend Carrie Lam’s term? Analysts lay out possible ‘firsts’ for Hong Kong if Covid-19 still raging past election day


2022-01-06: China rushes to develop an mRNA vaccine as doubts grow over local jabs 

2022-01-09: Is Hong Kong zoo stuck ‘in the dark ages’ or inspiring the young to care for animals?

2022-01-13: Role of foreign judges faces fresh scrutiny in Hong Kong’s crackdown

2022-01-15: The Growing Demand for More Vigorous Antitrust Action

2022-01-30: China’s digital currency struggles for gold at the Winter Olympics