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2023-09-01: ‘Long overdue’: China’s new Foreign State Immunity Law will align it with Western practices

2023-09-05: Hong Kong Must Have Framework to Recognize Same-Sex Unions, Court Rules

2023-09-09: 覆核有條件出院令5年僅兩成獲批 醫生稱需作平衡決定

2023-09-18: 港大舉行海牙會議亞太周 李家超:香港在促進亞太等地司法公正發揮作用

2023-09-19: China Aims To Replicate Human Brain in Bid To Dominate Global AI

2023-09-20: 國家所需·香港所長法律服務篇|跨境仲裁調解 助力內企「出海」

2023-09-28: China Proposes Relaxation of Security Reviews for Most Cross-border Data Flows, Bringing Relief for Multinationals



2023-08-14: 有條件釋放|病人自白:憂自願入院變失醫療自主 醫、患、學者想什麼?

2023-08-15: Hong Kong police’s outgoing deputy chief urges officers to treat residents ‘like family’ but remain wary of national security threats, signs of ‘soft resistance’

2023-08-23: Hong Kong national security law: top court’s landmark ruling on sentencing creates legal uncertainties, experts say

2023-08-26: In Beijing, New Counterterror Regulations Give Authorities More Power Over Tech Sector

2023-08-30: 鄧桂思案|港大教授指公眾利益或為撤控理由 中大專家憂未釋疑慮



2023-07-11: China to Lay Down AI Rules with Emphasis on Content Control

2023-07-12: Hong Kong prosecutors gain new powers in national security trials

2023-07-23: Hong Kong losing edge to Singapore as legal hub? No major shift, ‘stable and robust’ judiciary still strong, says lawyer in John Lee’s delegation to Asean countries

2023-07-26: Living in perpetual fear: why discharged psychiatric patients in Hong Kong walk on eggshells and say the system of letting them out needs to be reformed

2023-07-26: 有條件釋放|收緊或擴闊明討論 學者質疑成效 醫生指助病人治療

2023-07-28: Court dismisses government bid to ban protest song ‘Glory to Hong Kong’, questions effectiveness of move



2023-06-04: 《香港國安法》的實施

2023-06-06: 性侵兒童 · 二|港英性罪行條例67年不變 是警示還是指示犯罪?

2023-06-06: 戴啟思料判決不影響查冊外刑事案 「真誠定義針對假扮記者的人」

2023-06-07: Apple’s AirDrop in Focus as China Moves to Restrict Wi-fi, Bluetooth File-sharing Over ‘National Security’ Concerns

2023-06-07: 兩岸三地歷史 皆有歌曲被禁

2023-06-08: 性侵兒童 · 三|香港性罪行改革緩慢? 法改會成員:比中東進步

2023-06-19: 研引社區治療令 學者:外地未見效



2023-05-04: When communists became Confucians

2023-05-10: 專訪│陳弘毅:修訂法律執業者條例維護國安 無損香港普通法制度優勢

2023-05-10: 法律執業者條例修訂 陳文敏:變相假設海外律師不准參與國安案

2023-05-18: Increasing support for same-sex couple rights and gay marriage

2023-05-21: The Sunny Side of the Street star Sahal Zaman talks about journey to Hong Kong’s big screen after historic win at local film awards

2023-05-23: Hong Kong protests: John Lee refuses to set deadline for wrapping up police investigations, despite commissioner earlier offering time frame

2023-05-30: Tech Wars and Anti-Trust Laws: How Great Power Competition Is Reshaping Regulation



2023-04-10: 中國有能力實現基礎研究突破性進展

2023-04-11: China’s internet watchdog proposes rules, security assessment for AI tools similar to ChatGPT

2023-04-13: 陳弘毅:覆核現實意義不大 湯家驊:港無權覆核國安委

2023-04-21: 高院國安案脫罪 倡可上訴翻案 修例賦權律政司「案件呈述」 原只能就法律爭議上訴

2023-04-21: Hong Kong prosecutors will be allowed to appeal against acquittals in some national security cases in Court of First Instance under proposed change



2023-03-03: At China political meeting, internet bosses are out, chip execs are in

2023-03-17: Dog poisoning cases in HK

2023-03-18: 學者料或加條款 需黎案再申認許

2023-03-20: Transgender people still unable to change sex on ID cards despite landmark legal victory, as Hong Kong leaves applications pending

2023-03-22: Who needs a teacher? As ChatGPT takes off in Hong Kong, educationists worry about impact on teaching, learning

2023-03-24: 陳弘毅論外狀接案:特首證明書可判斷不利國安否

2023-03-27: Alibaba founder Jack Ma returns to China to discuss impact of artificial intelligence on education



2023-02-01: China’s removal of criminal sanctions for spreading Covid-19 prompts calls for previous cases to be reviewed

2023-02-05: 醫專港大研討醫療誤殺 醫生:未釋業界刑責疑慮

2023-02-06: Coronavirus: Hong Kong leader says no to probe of government’s pandemic response, so how will city learn from missteps?

2023-02-06: Hong Kong’s top court rules surgery is not needed to register gender change

2023-02-20: 教育要聞|港大生教長者「擬遺囑」防騙

2023-02-20: What does China plan to do with mountain of personal health code data amassed during zero-Covid?

2023-02-21: Hong Kong courts will need chief executive’s permission to accept foreign lawyers for national security cases as part of legal changes triggered by Jimmy Lai’s trial



2023-01-01: National security law: Hong Kong to pass legislative amendment ‘in months’ to ban British lawyer from Jimmy Lai trial, after Beijing ruling

2023-01-02: China Big Tech in 2023: China’s low profile tech bosses may become more visible and vocal in the coming year

2023-01-03: Law & More: The Boase Cohen & Collins Podcast

2023-01-04: National security law: can Beijing influence court disputes after decision leaving key power in Hong Kong’s hands?

2023-01-17: 張舉能:國安範疇 政府國家考慮的事 大律師公會促特首國安委克制行使國安法權力

2023-01-17: Medical Liability

2023-01-23: Must Hong Kong regulate crowdfunding? Experts do not think it is necessary, as start-ups worry they will suffer