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2021-07-04: Hong Kong police arrest two suspected of inciting others via social media to commit murder, arson targeting officers

2021-07-07: How can Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong return to pre-pandemic life? Vaccines, timetables, and targets

2021-07-09: Didi’s failure to listen forces rewrite of Chinese tech listing rules

2021-07-13: 2021 was a Great Year for Chinese Listings in the US—Until Didi

2021-07-27: A Year After Security Law, Hong Kong Finance Hub Status Endures

2021-07-29: National security law: scholars, law experts warn ‘Liberate Hong Kong’ slogan ‘very risky’ in wake of secession conviction



2021-06-06: China’s Tech Clampdown Is Spreading Like Wildfire — WSJ

2021-06-17: How many deaths are acceptable in ‘zero-Covid-19’ economies? From Australia to Hong Kong, that’s the tough question

2021-06-20: China’s anti-sanction law won’t free tech companies from stranglehold from US restrictions, experts say

2021-06-29: Crossing the Red Line: Behind China’s Takeover of Hong Kong

2021-06-30: Hong Kong’s national security law one year in: How the city’s legal foundations were shaken



2021-05-07: Big Tech is the Regenerative Starfish of Our Times

2021-05-08: 學者:強迫打疫苗無道理 需建立公眾信任

2021-05-18: For Hong Kong’s Domestic Workers During Covid, Discrimination Is Its Own Epidemic

2021-05-19: Hong Kong drug offenders get clearer view of options as new computer program scans thousands of cases to determine likely sentences

2021-05-25: 五夜講場 – 歷史係咁話 2021 車錯轂兮短兵接

2021-05-26: New bill seeks to end Hong Kong’s days as an illegal wildlife trade hub

2021-05-30: Grab ’em By The Horns / Napping For Power



2021-04-02: As WHO highlights COVID animal origins, China wildlife crackdown needs more teeth – experts

2021-04-05: Hong Kong’s colonial past echoes in new police vetting powers, pro-Beijing heavyweights say, but election hurdles could mean few face them

2021-04-11: 盼探殘疾至親 怕逼打針出事 弟腦細胞半死長住院 同路人嘆「有事誰照顧他們?」

2021-04-14: Prison terms for Hong Kong activists who urge others not to vote in elections

2021-04-15: Is Alibaba’s Fate a Warning to China’s Tech Giants?



2021-03-07: Borrowed time; The pandemic has put girls from ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and Britain at greater risk of forced marriage. When travel restrictions ease, some will be whisked away

2021-03-18: Meet the Woman Behind Cambodia’s Moonshot Blockchain Project

2021-03-19: China Tech Investor: Chinese Antritrust Exceptionalism, with Angela Huyue Zhang

2021-03-22: 非法野生動植物貿易案 去年檢控僅9% 議員促修例與搶劫罪睇齊

2021-03-26: How China’s Fragmented Bureaucracy Works to Ant Group’s Advantage

2021-03-27: Chinese divorce courts are places of peril for women

2021-03-30: Can tradeable land rights be the solution to Hong Kong’s housing crisis? These two legal researchers think so



2021-02-01: The dangerous legal war posing a new threat to China-US relations

2021-02-02: Why Is China Cracking Down on Alibaba?

2021-02-03: Angela Huyue Zhang argues that the Chinese government’s sudden and aggressive antitrust probe risks undermining investor confidence in the Middle Kingdom

2021-02-09: China is leaning into antitrust regulation to stay competitive with the U.S.

2021-02-09: Hong Kong court backs bid to keep tycoon Jimmy Lai in jail

2021-02-21: Defamation Law is Being Weaponised to Destroy the Global #MeToo Movement: Can Free Speech Protections Help Counter the Impact?



2021-01-07: Alibaba antitrust probe presents new challenges for China’s regulators 12 years after implementation of anti-monopoly law

2021-01-08: 陳弘毅:律政司檢控須謹慎 倘判無罪政治後果難料

2021-01-12: Trump’s Last Days Bring Fresh Turmoil to US-China Relations; BANKING/ FINANCE; Bloomberg News

2021-01-13: Hong Kong’s new Chief Justice has vowed to uphold the city’s judicial independence. Can he?

2021-01-13: Beijing tightens its grip on Hong Kong