Shiling Xiao

Mr. Xiao completed his bachelor study at Southwest University of Political Science and Law in 2014. Then he was recommended to University of Macau by the Ministry of Education of PRC and finished his master study in the International and Comparative Law programme in 2017, where he also worked as a research assistant on the project of cosmopolitan constitutionalism. Mr. Xiao also has work experience in the area of international arbitration, overseas investment, corporation compliance. Before commencing his Ph.D. research in HKU, Mr. Xiao worked as a practicing lawyer in Mainland China. His current research interests centre around balancing conflicting fundamental rights and public interests through the principle of proportionality, with a special focus on the hybrid procedures.

Field of Study: Human Rights Law, Civil and Criminal Procedural Law

Thesis Title: Proportionality and the Procedural Protection in Civil Penalties Regimes: An Approach of Balancing Civil and Criminal Procedures

Programme of Study: Ph.D. 

Supervisor(s): Prof. SNM Young

Publications: N/A

Macau IEEM Scholarship (for best academic performance on the programme)

Macau GAES Scholarship (one law student from Mainland China per year)

Outstanding Graduate of Southwest University of Political Science and Law